Current activities of the Chamber

CCC is holder of Medal of President of Slovak Republic

Canadian Chamber of Commerce is currently involved in the realization of the following projects:

EU-Canada Business Summit 2020 on the 30th of September 2020 at ING Marnix, Brussels

The EU-Canada Business Summit is a one day event held once a year in Brussels, capital of the European Union, that brings together hundreds of political and business decision-makers from Canada, the EU and the world. The latest political, financial & economic global trends are being discussed and analyzed by relevant high-level speakers coming from a vast array of sectors. This year's topics are Energy & Environment, Security & Transport, International Trade & Mobility, Manufacturers and Artificial Intelligence. The EU-Canada Business Summit is a great way to built business relationships through VIP cocktails, private meetings, interactive debates and several exclusive networking activities.

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Economic forecast and business opportunities between Canada and the European Union

November 5th, 2019
Avenue des Arts 58 
1000 Brussels


Preliminary program
  • 9:00 - Arrival of participants + Networking + Coffee
  • 9:30 - Welcome word + Presentation - Sam Ayoub, President, CEEC-EU 
  • 10:00 - Political & Economic update - Ambassador of Canada to the EU. + Q & A
  • 10:30 - Economic forecast and business opportunities between Canada and the European Union + Q & A
    •     4 speakers + a moderator
  • 12h30 - Lunch + Networking
           Number of participants is limited to 100     
   Free registration
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Fascinace Wagnerem



Kin-ball is a very young sport that originated in Canada 32 years ago.

  • eliminates individualism,
  • brings the values of cooperation and team spirit,
  • stimulate social and cognitive development,
  • by its rules creates a safe and non-violent environment,
  • allow participants to engage in healthy and entertaining physical activity.

In Slovakia we play kin-ball only for the fourth year . Our previous short but successful approach to the development of kin-ball has also been noticed by the European national federations, thanks to which they were given the opportunity to realize the top competition in Slovakia in the period 21 - 26 August 2018 in city Trnava


We are looking for and believe that we will find companies to help us realize this prestigious event that gives more opportunities to promote of Kin-ball At the same time, we offer advertising on balls or introduction of kin-ball at corporate sports events.

Since April 15, 2018 we have accepted payment of membership fee and other consulting services also in Bitcoin


With the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) now in force and on the occasion of Europe Day on May 9, 2018, the City of Toronto Economic Development and Culture Division in partnership with the World Trade Centre Toronto, is hosting a half-day program, "Uncovering the CETA Opportunity", at Toronto City Hall, 100 Queen Street West, Council Chambers, from 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. with a Networking Luncheon to follow in the Member's Lounge.

All guests can register online at EUROPEDAY2018TORONTO.EVENTBRITE.CA (please see flyer).

The program, featuring remarks by His Excellency, Peteris Ustubs, Ambassador of the European Union to Canada and a panel discussion moderated by Councillor Michael Thompson, Chair of the Economic Development Committee, is designed to provide an update on CETA and how the agreement can benefit businesses by facilitating new and expanded opportunities in the EU. Companies attending will gain insight and market intelligence and learn about the prospects and challenges faced when exporting and conducting business in foreign markets.

Europe Day

Our Chamber invites you on first event in Europe – France, Chamonix in February 2018 organising by The Canada-Europe Economic Chamber. Participants are from Canada, France, Switzerland, Luxemburg and Slovakia.
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Bryan Adams with the President of the Chamber are preparing interesting project.

On October 6, 2016 during the Paneuropa Congress in Vienna President of the Chamber met with Price Dr. Asfa-Wossen Asserate, a member of the Ethiopian royalty. He is the great nephew of the last Emperor of Ethiopia Haile Selassie I.

Canadian Chamber of Commerce is a professional guarantee of a prestigious magazine CANADA Exclusive, which is published in cooperation with the Air Canada.

7th April 2016 during the exhibition works of art of Mr Frank Jalšovsky took place baptism of book Successful Slovaks in Canada (Úspešní Slováci v Kanade). Valuable book welcomed into the lives of pieces of gold. Frank is one of the "successful Slovak in Canada" mentioned in the book.
from left: Frank Jalšovský, Co-author of the book - Anton Hykisch, Moderator - Lucia Wirthová, Art historian Bohumír Bachratý.

A private conversation between Cardinal Baldisseri and Joseph Burza at the International Conference.
from left: Apostolic Nuncio Mario Giordana, Cardinal Lorenzo Badisseri and President of Canadian Chamber of Commerce Joseph Burza

Joseph Burza in cooperation with the first Slovak Ambassador in Ottawa Anton Hykisch and with financial support of the Ministry of Culture of Slovak Republic, published representative book Successful Slovaks in Canada (Úspešní Slováci v Kanade).

Official public statement of the President of CCC Mr Joseph M. Burza

Kanadská obchodná komora v Slovenskej republike oficiálne podporuje Richarda Lintnera na post prezidenta Slovenského zväzu ľadového hokeja

Prezident Kanadskej obchodnej komory v Slovenskej republike Joseph M. Burza vyhlasuje svoju oficiálnu podporu kandidatúre Richarda Lintnera na post prezidenta Slovenského zväzu ľadového hokeja.

Čestnými členmi Canadian Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic sú aj vynikajúci hokejisti Peter Šťastný a jeho starší brat Marián Šťastný, ktorý žije v Kanade. Práve Peter Šťastný sa v minulosti niekoľkokrát vyslovil za zmenu prezidenta Slovenského zväzu ľadového hokeja. Peter Šťastný vystupoval veľmi ostro práve proti osobe Juraja Širokého, šedej eminencie slovenského ľadového hokeja.

Prezident Kanadskej obchodnej komory v Slovenskej republike Joseph M. Burza chce , aby Slovenský zväz ľadového hokeja bol zbavený nadmerného vplyvu osoby, ktorá bola spájaná s rôznymi aférami kriminálneho charakteru už dlhé roky (údajná spolupráca s ŠTB, Harvardské fondy, kauza Váhostav, atď.), čo poškodzuje dobré meno tohto národného športu na Slovensku.

Súčasného prezidenta Slovenského zväzu ľadového hokeja Igora Nemečka nepovažujeme za nezávislú osobu, ale jednoznačne za osobu závislú od Juraja Širokého. Počas predposledného obdobia, keď bol prezidentom zväzu Juraj Široký, vykonával Igor Nemeček funkciu generálneho sekretára SZĽH. Juraj Široký sa po trinástich rokoch vykonávania funkcie prezidenta SZĽH (december 1998 – jún 2011) stiahol viac do ústrania, veď bol už hotová nákladná prestavba hokejového štadióna, ako aj postavený Hotel DoubleTree by Hilton, ktorý mu podľa našich zdrojov patrí.

Prezident Kanadskej obchodnej komory Joseph M. Burza považuje Richarda Lintnera a jeho tím za skupinu s čistým štítom, nezávislú, s mimoriadne úspešnými hokejovými skúsenosťami, so silnou podporou nielen zo strany hokejistov, ale predovšetkým zo strany širokej slovenskej verejnosti. Igor Nemeček v porovnaní s Richardom Lintnerom postráda okrem už spomínanej nezávislosti, aj predchádzajúce skúsenosti aktívneho hráča ľadového hokeja.

On May 29, 2015 President of CCC has meeting with Count František Kinský. Main topic of conversation was an Exhibition of the Canadian Painters in the Castle Kostelec nad Orlicí.

In March 2015 President of CCC has friendly meeting with Ghanaian Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church and President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiach Turkson.

On 15 October 2014 President of CCC visited Count Zdeněk Sternberg at his Castle Český Šternberk.

On 17 December 2013 an official meeting of President of Canadian Chamber of Commerce Joseph M. Burza with the Prince Karl von Schwarzenberg was held. The topic of the meeting was mutual cooperation with the Chamber.

International Award of Culture of CCC for the year of 2012 was granted on 9 October 2013 to a significant Canadian painter and graphic designer Frank Jalšovský.

The Award was given by former Ambassador of Slovak Republic in Ottawa and vice president of Pan-European Union Anton Hykisch (left) and also a successful model Angelica Stim.

J. Burza at a working meeting with the Canadian Ambassador of the Slovak and Czech Republic Otto J. Jelinek, who was a Minister of Finance of Canada in the past. The topic of the meeting was the improvement of mutual economic relations with Canada, as Mr. Jelinek is, inter alia, also the founder of Canadian Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic.

26 September 2013, President of the Chamber Joseph Burza on a personal visit at the Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, at the archdiocese palace in Vienna.

The successor of the Austria-Hungary throne, Karl von Habsburg-Lothringen, solemnly on 13 March 2013 became an honorary vice-president of Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

From the left: President of the Chamber Joseph M. Burza and the successor of the imperial dynasty Karl von Habsburg-Lothringen.

President of the Chamber Joseph Burza met on 27 January 2013 with President of European Council Herman Van Rompuy in Vienna. The main topic of their conversation was the relations between the European Union and Canada.

SKARITZ Hotel & Residence was awarded The Best Hotel in Bratislava by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Bratislava in collaboration with the prestigious Exclusive CANADA magazine.

The award was handed on by Executive Director of the Chamber René Augustín to Director of SKARITZ Hotel & Residence Zuzana Nagy.

On 16 November 2012, President of the Chamber of Commerce Joseph Burza met with a representative of the royal dynasty of Habsburgs, Karl von Habsburg, in Vienna. The topic of conversation was the relations between Canada and the European Union.

On 30 June 2012, an informal meeting with President of Canadian Chamber of Commerce J.M. Burza with the current Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada Ms. Diane Ablonczy was held.

Canadian Chamber of Commerce is a partner of the international conference.

More information can be found here

On 24 November 2011, President of Canadian Chamber of Commerce opened the exhibition of the world-famous surrealist painter Ladislav Guderna, who lived and worked in Vancouver, Canada. He opened the exhibition in Mirbach Palace in Bratislava together with the son of the painter - Martin (picture on the left), who is similarly successful as his father. The opening was attended by prominent collectors from USA, Canada and Hong Kong.

On 19 September 2011, a meeting of Director Hagiel and President of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce Joseph Burza with the Minister of Labour, Social Affairs and Family Jozef Mihal took place. The main topic discussed was the proposal of J.Burza’s to increase quotas for Youth Mobility program for 2012, i.e. to ensure a much higher number of applicants from Slovakia to be allowed to work legally in Canada.

On 27 September, a meeting of the President of Canadian Chamber of Commerce J.M. Burza and President of the Supreme Court Štefan Harabin was held. The topic of conversation was the law enforcement of Canadian citizens and companies as well as joint-venture companies in Slovakia.

Canadian Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with Henkel Slovakia and the City Gallery of Bratislava organizes an exhibition of a leading representative of the Slovak Modern Art - Ladislav Guderna between 24 November 2011 and 22 January 2012.
Ladislav Guderna was born on 1 June 1921 in Nitra but in 1968 he moved to Vancouver, Canada, where he also died in 1999. The opening of the exhibition was attended also by his son Martin Guderna who successfully continued in his father's footsteps as a painter also active in Vancouver.

Ladislav Guderna - Continental Drift


International Award of Culture of CCC for 2010 was awarded to today’s world's best tenor José Cura. On 30 April 2011, the Award was given directly by President of CCC Joseph Burza.

A new number of the magazine CANADA Exclusive was issued.

Canadian Chamber of Commerce is a partner of the world premiere of the rock opera Pietro and Lucia.

On 28 May 2010, a friendly meeting was held at the headquarters of Hagiel Company with J. Burza and Minister of Foreign affairs of Slovak Republic Miroslav Lajčák. The topic of conversation was the support of mutual relations between Canada and the Slovak Republic, and also the emigration to Canada as well as XXI. Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

On 22 May 2010, President of Canadian Chamber of Commerce Joseph Burza gave the International Award of Culture to world Canadian choreographer James Kudelka. The Chamber is, at the same time, a partner of the new ballet of the Slovak National Theatre Made in Canada.

Canadian Chamber of Commerce sponsored the exhibition of famous artist Juraj Kralik called Money. There was a grant opening of the exhibition on 20 January 2010, and the godfather was Governor of the National Bank of Slovakia Ivan Šramko.

On the picture from left: Ivan Šramko, Joseph Burza and Jean-Jacques Ciazynski a chief of the board of directors of SPP.

On 12 November 2009, President of CCC Joseph Burza gave the International Award of Culture to world known Canadian Jazz singer Diana Krall.

Canadian Chamber of Commerce annually awards International Award of Culture to internationally renowned Canadian artists who have Slovak origins or personal relationship with Slovakia. Diana Krall - diva of world jazz heaven, awardee of the Order of Canada and also multiple Grammys and she has origins in Slovakia. Her grandparents come from Henclová village, which is north from Řožňava. Diana proudly avows herself to her origin, because already her grandfather used to play the piano stunningly.

Canadian Chamber of Commerce sponsors a publication of novel of the first Slovak ambassador in Ottawa, Mr. Anton Hykisch - Pleasures of yore. Experienced author has written a catching novel that has all the presumptions to become a unique literary testimony about recent times of Slovakia.

On 4 December 2008, Canadian Chamber of Commerce was visited by the Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic Jerry J. Jelinek in Calgary. Mr. Jelinek is also a Head Manager of employment agency Casovia based in Calgary.

On 27 November 2008, on the occasion of the official visit of the Slovak Republic by Governor General of Canada Michaëlle Jean, Mrs. Jean also met with members of Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

A legend left us- farewell with Thomas J. Bata

Joseph Burza at a friendly meeting with Ms. Monica Pignal, the daughter of Thomas Bata, with who she has been cooperating for a longer period of time.

Monica is Managing Director of Bata Italia and Chair of the Board of Directors of The Thomas Bata Foundation for the Czech and Slovak Republic.

On 7 August, a meeting joint with a reception took place at the headquarters of Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Bratislava with Governor of the National Bank of Slovakia Ivan Šramko. The topic of lectures, which was led by Mr. Šramko, was the transition of the Slovak Republic to the single currency EURO. The meeting was attended by: Michal Kováč and his wife Emília, a former State Secretary of Ministry of Finance Vladimír Tvaroška, Marketing Manager of Air Canada Oliver Simon, Director of UNDP Ben Slay, President of Hot Spas Europe Jarry Podkovcik, Director of CSA Joseph Bebiak as well as head leaders of the Bank of Nova Scotia CBC OTP Bank, Private Bank, UPS, VUB a.s., UNION and also a representative of Reuters and TASR.

On the photo from left: Ivan Šramko, Michal Kováč, Joseph Burza and in the background: Emilia Kováčová, Nina Zelníková - UNION, George Ľupták - Euroforex.

Canadian Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with television SEDNA and production company Star Production is preparing an exclusive concert with the world famous Canadian singer with Portuguese roots Nelly Furtado in Slovakia.

On 2 July 2007, President of Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Bratislava J. Burza awarded the original works of Canadian authors to the President of SC PEN (the worldwide association of writers) prof. Mária Bátorová with participation of Maria Chrappa from Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Authors: Stephen Leacock, William Stevenson and Margaret Atwood. The awarded books were included in the global library PEN where they will set up a separate section of Canadian literature. The awarding ceremony was attended by Secretary of Canadian Chamber of Commerce René Augustín and Head of Secretariat of Canadian Chamber of Commerce Hana Klimova.
On the photo from left: H. Klimova, M. Bátorová, M. Chrappa, J. Burza, and R. Augustín.

On 2 December 2006, an informal meeting with J. Burza and Canadian Ambassador for the Slovak and the Czech Republic - Micheal Calcott was held.

Preparation of exhibition of the world-known Canadian photographer Yuri Dojč in luxury Atrium mall; the exhibition should be opened by a great lover of photography, Canadian singer Bryan Adams.

Julian Juhasz Managing Director of the Chamber of Commerce in Toronto and Joseph Burza at the meeting at headquarters of Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Bratislava.

Trade Mission of Canadian entrepreneurs from Ontario in May 2006.

J. Burza at the meeting with Eduard Kukan- the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic.

On 22 February 2006, President of Canadian Chamber of Commerce Joseph Burza attended an opening ceremony of the Global Library PEN, the international association of writers. Joseph Burza has agreed with President of the worldwide associations International PEN Mr. J. Grus that Canadian Chamber of Commerce will sponsor this library with a donation by the works of Canadian authors.

On the photo from left: J. Burza, J. Grusa - President of the world association of writers PEN (PEN Centre) and Lawrence R. Silverman - Deputy Chief of Mission of the U.S. Embassy

J. Burza in a discussion about the possible joint projects with Ambassador of the Czech Republic Vladimír Galuška in Slovakia.

On 24.11. 2005, the world-renowned manufacturer of footwear Mr. Thomas Bata visited Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Bratislava at the invitation of its President J. Burza. It was a special meeting whereas it was Mr. Bata’s first trip to Slovakia after two years. He celebrated his 91st birthday at the Chamber with participation of television and media representatives. Thomas Bata got a cake with marzipan replica of best-selling women's shoes in the trading network Bata. In addition, he received ceramics of Andy Warhol, crystal jewelry from the world famous manufactory Swarovski and also other gifts.
The extract from the meeting was broadcasted on Markíza television, in the main news broadcast TV News (Televízne noviny) 24.11.2005 at 19.00.

On 25.11.2005, Canadian Chamber of Commerce representatives attended the roundtable on the topic of „The role of the Slovak Republic as a member of the UN Security Council“, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

On 15 August 2005, a meeting between President of Canadian Chamber of Commerce J. Burza and Jordanian Minister of Water Economy and Irrigation Dr. Share Munther was held in the Jordanian capital Amman. The topic of discussion was the possibility of importing irrigation equipment and technology.

On 19 May 2005, Canadian Chamber of Commerce organized a presentation to an airline in the presence of Director of , for Europe Mr. Olivier Simon. The meeting resulted in an agreement on the reduction of air fares for ticket sellers working together with CCC.

Joseph Burza and Olivier Simon at the official debate.

On 18 May 2005, a book launch “How to become a Canadian“ was organized under the auspices of Canadian Chamber of Commerce. The godfathers of this extraordinary book are: Rudolf Schuster - former president of the Slovak Republic, the first Ambassador of Czech and Slovak Republic in Ottawa, Anton Hykisch – a writer and the first Ambassador of the independent Slovak Republic in Canada and Vladimír Šťastný - a famous hockey player. The book was launched by a traditional Canadian drink - maple syrup.

(From left: Anton Hykisch, Joseph Burza, Rudolf Schuster, Vladimír Šťastný)

On 31 March 2005, Canadian Chamber of Commerce members attended the grand opening of Canada Export Centre in Vancouver.

On 23 March 2005, a meeting with newly appointed Ambassador of the Slovak Republic in Ottawa Mr. Stanislava Opielu and members of CCC at the headquarters of the Chamber.

(From left: René Augustín, Joseph Burza, Milan Hanzel, Stanislav Opiela, and Ján Madleňák)

On 3 March 2005, Canadian Chamber of Commerce was visited by Mr. Anton Hykisch, a former Ambassador of the Slovak Republic in Ottawa, with intention to collaborate on the forthcoming representational publication about Canada, "How to become a Canadian".

On 3 February 2005, an honorary membership in CCC was granted to archbishop of the Bratislva-Trnava Archdiocese Mons. Ján Sokol for his help in processing the representational publication about Canada.

On 23 November 2004, a roundtable meeting on the issue of identifying barriers to economic cooperation EU-US took place, Canada at the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic with the participation of leading representatives of Canadian Chamber of Commerce, American Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia, Government Office of the Slovak Republic, Ministry of Economy of the SR, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the SR, Ministry of Finance of the SR, Union of Entrepreneurs of Slovakia, Sario Agency, VÚB and Kerametal

Research and legal advice in establishing American-style casinos by Canadian company.

23.-30. November 2004, trade mission of Canadian businessmen from Ontario in Slovakia.

Participation in the celebration of the 90th birthday of Mr. Thomas Bata
more details here

Participation in the preparation of launch of a new, private, satellite television with regular contributions from Canada.

Ensuring the participation of Slovak representative at the International Film Festival in Toronto in September 2004.

Ensuring the participation of Slovak delegate, dramaturge Zuzana Zelinová at the International Film Festival FIFA in Montreal in April 2004.

Sponsoring the documentary publication of photographer of the President’s Office of the Slovak Republic Patrick Jandák titled “In the focus of President".

Cooperation in ensuring investments with international company Deere & Stratton in London.

· In collaboration with a specialized company HAGIEL, ensuring permanent residence in Canada (emigration to Canada).

Organizing a visit of Slovakia by Canadian airman Capt.. Stuart Newton May (participant of the battles in Slovakia during World War II.) with participation of televisions Markíza and TA3.

Sale of tobacco company to a corporation SIT in Spišska Belá.

Preparation of trade mission of selected Slovak entrepreneurs to Canada (Toronto, Montreal)

Offer of participation for Canadian entrepreneurs in industrial park Kechnec.

Entry of Canadian entrepreneurs, possibly acquisition of manufacturing company in Nove Zámky. (former SIMA)

Obtaining Canadian investors for a new industrial park in Most pri Bratislave.

Ensuring a tour (in cooperation with ČSA) and the performances of Radošinské Naive Theatre (Radošinského naivného divadla) in Canada in late September and October 2004.

The low-budget movie (more details published in a magazine Život, read HERE)