Member of the Chamber may become legal entities (Business type), institutions, Canadian and Slovak companies with activity in both countries, as well as physical persons (Private type), who are engaged in business, industrial, technical activity or provide services. In addition, individuals and companies of other countries may become members as well; always based on satisfying the above-mentioned conditions. Member of the Chamber may not be a person who has been prosecuted for defamation and who has lost its civil rights.

Entry into the Chamber is one-year and is considered to be a tacit extension from year to year if the withdrawal has not been submitted in writing by registered letter by 31.10. of a previous year. In the event that this period has expired, the member shall be considered to be paying membership fees which will be determined for the following year. Members of the Chamber have the electoral and approval vote. Each member may address proposals to the President, which will be recommended to the agenda of the General Assembly after reassessment of the Presidency council.

Members of the Chamber are distinguished as follows:
- Founding Members
- Ordinary members
- Honorary members

The founding members are all members who have provided the Chamber with material or immaterial resources to upkeep its activities in the first year. The founding members have the same rights as full members. Full members are legal or physical persons who agree with the mission and statutes of the Chamber. Honorary members are physical or legal persons who have contributed to the development of the Canadian - Slovak cooperation in the area of trade and economy and who agree with honorary membership. Honorary members shall not be regarded as full members and have no voting rights at the General Assembly. The status of honorary members must be approved by the General Assembly. Presidency council proposes honorary members to the General Assembly. Honorary member has the same obligations as full member but he does not pay membership fees. Honorary member cannot be elected to the bodies of the Chamber and while voting he has an advisory vote.

Termination of membership
Any member who violates the rules described in Article III. will be automatically excluded. In addition, the member may be expelled by a decision of the Presidency council according to the facts set out in Art. 5, ods.3 if he does not pay membership fees and thus becomes an unworthy of membership in the Chamber. Against such an exclusion, which must be sent to the one in question by registered letter, it is possible to appeal at the General Assembly by presenting oneself in writing to the President of the Chamber within 30 days of exclusion notification. Member subject to bankruptcy or other similar legal process in the country of residence of the Chamber will be expelled from the Chamber.

Membership Fee
The membership fee will be determined from year to year by the Presidency council and the fee will need to be paid within 30 days from the date determined for payment. After 30 days without completion of payment, from the date determined for payment, the member will be considered as defaulter and will not be entitled to any services provided by the Chamber until the clearance of the payment has been made. Defaulting member shall be invited by registered letter and with the approval of the Presidency council he will be excluded from the list of members, if he does not acquit the membership fees retrospectively. Member year lasts 12 months, beginning the following month after the month in which the membership fee has been paid.

Amount of membership fees in €

Privat Business

Account name: Canadian-Slovak Chamber of Commerce
IBAN: SK43 8330 0000 0022 0150 1134, currency EUR
Bank Address: Fio banka a.s., Nám. SNP 21, 811 01 Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Application for membership in the chamber you can download here

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