Joseph M. Burza

  • Former expert for Eastern Europe in the famous Banc d 'Sabadell
  • A graduate of the prestigious CEAC Barcelona
  • Graduate of the Royal Diplomatic School in Madrid
  • Graduate of the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna
  • Member of Who is Who, VIP Encyclopaedias Corp., USA
  • The publisher of the prestigious international magazines CANADA Exclusive and LIFE Exclusive
  • The author of books How to become a Canadian and I want to live in Canada
  • Vice President of the world‘s organization SC PEN

  • Sports: karate (former champion of Slovakia).

Diplomatic Activities

Successor to the throne of Austria-Hungary, Karl von Habsburg-Lothringen became an honorary vice president of Canadian Chamber of Commerce.
International Award of Culture of CCC for 2010 was awarded to today’s world's best tenor José Cura. On 30 April 2011, the Award was given directly by President of CCC Joseph Burza.
On 16 November 2012, President of the Chamber of Commerce Joseph Burza met with a representative of the royal dynasty of Habsburgs, Karl von Habsburg, in Vienna. The topic of conversation was the relations between Canada and the European Union.
On 30 June 2012, an informal meeting with President of Canadian Chamber of Commerce J.M. Burza with the current Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada Ms. Diane Ablonczy was held.
Julian Juhasz Managing Director of the Chamber of Commerce in Toronto and Joseph Burza at the meeting at headquarters of Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Bratislava.
On 20 June 2012, the Director of Hagiel met with Canadian Ambassador Raymond Valarie. The meeting took place in a warm-hearted atmosphere. The topic of the discussions was the improvement of cooperation.
On 27 September, a meeting of the President of Canadian Chamber of Commerce J.M. Burza and President of the Supreme Court Štefan Harabin was held. The topic of conversation was the law enforcement of Canadian citizens and companies as well as joint-venture companies in Slovakia.
On 19 September 2011, a meeting of Director Hagiel and President of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce Joseph Burza with the Minister of Labour, Social Affairs and Family Jozef Mihal took place. The main topic discussed was the proposal of J.Burza’s to increase quotas for Youth Mobility program for 2012, i.e. to ensure a much higher number of applicants from Slovakia to be allowed to work legally in Canada.
On 28 May 2010, a friendly meeting was held at the headquarters of Hagiel Company with J. Burza and Minister of Foreign affairs of Slovak Republic Miroslav Lajčák. The topic of conversation was the support of mutual relations between Canada and the Slovak Republic, and also the emigration to Canada as well as XXI. Winter Olympics in Vancouver.
On 12 November 2009, the world-renowned Canadian jazz singer Diane Krall was awarded International Award of Culture by CCC. It was already the jubilee fifth year. The award was presented directly by the president of the Chamber Joseph M. Burza.
Joseph Burza at the launch of the book "I want to live in Canada" at the Marriott hotel with Micheal Calcott- Canadian Ambassador for the Slovak and Czech Republic.
Tomáš Baťa celebrating his 91st birthday at the headquarters of Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Bratislava.
Mikúláš Dzurinda, Joseph Burza and Rudolf Schuster celebrating Tomáš Baťa‘s 90th birthday in his villa.
Joseph Burza at a meeting with his friend, a former Minister of Finance of Canada, Otto J. Jelínek.
Governor of the National Bank of Slovakia Ivan Šramko led a lecture on Slovakia's transition to the single currency EURO at the CCC.
from left: Ivan Šramko, Michal Kováč and Joseph Burza