Basic activities of CCC are support of business activities between Canada and Slovak Republic, development of cultural relations and assistance in the field of education.
Each of the members of the Chamber receives the international membership card.

Members Cards (see pic.) are divided to two categories:
a) ... Business - for the organizations and companies
b) ... Privat - individual membership, Card is not transferable

Each membership card has a designated validity. Membership may be extended. Minimum validity of the card is 1 year.

Membership entitles you to the following services and benefits:

  1. Providing information on the process of establishment of business or company in Canada and Slovakia. Information on the developments and trends of foreign trade between Canada and the Slovak Republic should be provided.

  2. Advance delivery time in Scuderia Praha Company for car brands Ferrari and Maserati.


  3. One free presentation/advertisement in the prestigious magazine
    CANADA Exclusive.

  4. 3-5% discount for Mercedes and Chrysler vehicles in Daimler Chrysler Automotive Slovakia Company.


  5. 30% discount on accommodation at the exclusive Hotel ARCADIA


  6. 3% discount on Jaguar, Land Rover and Volvo car brands at T.O.P. AUTO Bratislava.


  7. 12-20% discount on travel insurance of the world's largest insurance company American company AIG, Inc. Canadian Chamber of Commerce has an exclusive contract with AIG Slovakia a.s.

  8. Priority edition of an exclusive credit card Diners Club International. Chamber members pay for cardís administrative fee 50%. Cardholder will obtain a stamp of excellence and first-class credit card that as the only one of the world cardsí provides 2-month interest-free loan. As a cardholder, you can use the services of more than 80-VIP airport lounges worldwide.

  9. 20% discount on accommodation at the hotel Four Sasons Prague

  10. As a holder of an international credit card Diners Club International, you get 30% discount on worldwide car rental service AVIS.

  11. 20% discount on accommodation and 18-hole golf course owned by famous ice hockey player Marian Stastny in Quebec
    Golf & Hotel Stastny.

  12. 25-35% discount on accommodation in hotels around the world (compared to the rack rate) through a tour operator Tulip Tours.

  13. 10% discount from the price of the US company FedEx, the world's biggest shipper of small and medium-sized shipments . The maximum permitted dimensions of the shipments are 178 cm in length, and 330 cm in girth (330 cm in combination). Maximum package weight is 68 kg each. Express service from door to door is possible in 211 countries around the world.

  14. 7% discount on »SA flights to Canada (Toronto, Montreal) and the USA. »SA has currently the youngest aircraft fleet in Europe.

  15. 20% discount on business network BaĚa Slovensko

  16. 20% discount on accommodation in hotel International

  17. 3-5% discount for other world airlines for economy class.
    4,5-7% discount for business and first class.

  18. 20% discount on massage bathtubs of famous American brand Vita Spa.

We believe that your membership in the Canadian Chamber of Commerce will assist you in fulfilling your business and cultural activities.

President CCC - Ing. Joseph M. Burza